Saturday, 7 January 2017

Lush Xmas Sale Haul!

You were promised some hauls so here we go :D
As you might already know the only Lush stores reside at Helsinki... 
Which is 167 Kilometer away from Turku so we stacked up for a year... Yay 50% off! :D Let's begin with soaps!

Soothing stars (Purple) is our "guests'" favorite, the most general lime/citron scent never fails!
 Reindeer rock's (blue) scent is very berry like and it apparently contains cowberry :D
 We loved the design!
Magic wand  (yellow/black) soap in the other hand smells pomegranate.

 Igloo scent is double the rose scent! Surprising, considering its yellow appearance, I know!
Fireside: love the beautiful reddish colours of fire theme and it actually smells like a fireplace. Erm, spicy fireplace. It blew my mind. So good!
Santa's postbox (Blue/red) is more lovely Mandarin/Satsuma scent!
Candy Cane (Red): the mint is overwhelming and we hope it produces same kind of effect that 
our magnaminty preserving mask; cooling and lovely!

Yog log's (Yellow) scent is same as yog nog. Sweet, chocolaty and Xmassy.
These are new to us. They're categorized as a roulade on Lush website and are considered as a shower smoothie!
Lind has trusted her ol' coalface in the past but it was time to try something else!
Papa noel is a face wash JELLY?! I know right! Must be tried!
Note: sadly, the "beard design" it had doesn't really work for a jelly in a small jar.
Lind says it smells like grandma's face cream.

Santa's belly is our old favorite and they modified its design...
Belly has a belt!

Along with our smuggler shampoo bar we bought this one!
We were eager to buy it and test something else than solid shampoo 
(all though we love their durability and general style.)

Here's silver shampoo from Lush! We haven't tried this but since it was 50% off as well we decided to take it for a spin. We're going to dye our hair quite soon!

Toothpaste tablets are always fun... except these seem to be little mild for us. 
Sadly, Boom! (our favorite) wasn't 50% off. It was the only one!
Oh well, lime is always good :)

The text does my job in this one.
We wanted to try this scrub because it smelled so good!

It's surprising that we hadn't tried this before!
So much glitter and peach scent! WOW!

We also bought a lot our old favorites. We love sales!
Thanks for reading!


  1. A sale at Lush is like heaven and hell on Earth! hahaha
    I love everything that you got. :D Ocean Salt smells really nice.


    1. Yea, truly! It's so hard to let some go... even though one might have exceeded budget already... x)


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