Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Diary: Weak Blood -I can't save people

old art by Lindworm

When I was 18 I had a magical opportunity to donate blood.
We went to a blood donation place aka Blood Service
with my biology class so everything was super easy.
I was excited.

Before you can donate blood you have to answer some questions (privately) to make sure your blood is clean. 
After that they take a tiny little blood test. 
And that's when my journey came to an end.
They told me my blood wasn't strong enough. 
It wasn't a safe thing for me to do.
I was so disappointed. My blood wasn't anemic but almost. 
Lady problems I guess...
Some of the class were able to donate blood. 
My dream couldn't come true.

Before xmas I had to go to a blood test, where they took 5 bottles of  my blood.
The lady working there was super awkward. And I'm awkward too.
After she got my blood she just said that was it.
I started to see white. But since I was done, it was time to leave.
I felt super sweaty and couldn't really see. 
But I rose up.
Put my coat back on. And left.

I have never passed out
so I didn't know how it'd happen.
I walked trough a white aisle, wondering if I was about to pass out... Or not?
I knew where the nearest chairs were. 
I kept saying to myself that I could make it.
(talk about bad sides of Finnish sisu "guts")
I made it.
I sat down. And waited for my sight to come back.
After a few minutes it came back. I felt less sweaty and wobbly.

"Moral" of the story is that my blood is still too weak. 
I hardly could handle a blood test :(

To me it's still a dream to donate blood at least once in my life.
When you donate you can find out your blood type.
I'd really love to find out me and Ilar's blood types (are we +/-) so that we'd know if we have a higher chance of miscarriages. 
It'd be lovely to be prepared to something like that... 
Ilar's blood is too thick to donate it... 
He isn't allowed to eat too much iron.

I think they find out your blood type when you're born but (at least in Finland) it's not something that parents/teachers/authorities teach you to remember or ever even let you know.
It's not important, right..?

Everyday when we ride the bus to school there are Blood Service's ads reminding that one can save lives by just donating blood.
That's simply amazing.

This post is not written so that you'd be discouraged to go donate blood. No!
I think everyone should go try donate blood at least once in their lives :)
Please, go try it out if you haven't already.
It's such an amazing thing to do!
I really wish that maybe at one point of my life my blood could be strong enough.

It'd be an honour to say that I've donated blood.


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  2. Beautiful artwork!
    Five bottles is a lot! Just reading it made me dizzy because I've had that many tested once too. They usually give us orange juice and a cookie afterward though.
    My dad's blood type was O negative so he'd always go donate.
    I don't like needles but I've recently thought about facing my fear and donating, :)


  3. Voi harmi, että oli huono kokemus! Omat luovutukset ovat menneet nippanappa läpi ja olen kuvitellut matalan HB-arvon liittyvän kasvissyöntiin... Rautaa saa onneksi purkissakin, jos pinaattia ei tule syötyä kovin usein... :)

  4. I've never donated blood but, I have had a small blood test before and it made me queasy (;;;*_*)
    ♡ Dulce


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