Sunday, 18 December 2016

Thrift haul: Crazy Horse Bag

Thrift haul! WOW!
We went to a thrift store and found these!
They're bags as you might see, which are one of things Lind loves.

We found this polarteddy right away. We love its face!
It looks so old or tired. We can not really decide.
Bear was surprisingly expensive and we were little sad when we found out it was originally from H&M.
I didn't even know they had ever made something like this! 

We didn't buy this bad right away even though it was super cheap and in good condition. Lind doesn't like horses.
Thrift store was closing in half hour when we got there 
(stupid Sundays... -,-)
and at the waiting line to cash register Lind was surprisingly quiet. I asked her what's wrong and turned out she was thinking
to buy or not to buy the horse.
I didn't think for a second; She was going to get the horse and so she did. In the end this was her favorite and both of us were so glad afterwards. Lind has used this for five days in a row for now. :D

We call him Brandon after Brandon the specialists from the Winx because of his hair.

We're glad that our Brandon is not like Winx's Brandon otherwise.
He can be quite a douche bag sometimes.

These were so cheap as well! We bought two of these they were so cute! You can never have too much hangers in this household.

I got hot pink trousers. I've used them twice already.
I really like them in all their simplicity.

This vest was so good find, it's a perfect fit; once again.
Vest are most definitely my favorite garment and this one is 
especially stylish don't you think? I know I do.



  1. great finds! i'm found of second-hand shopping too!

  2. Those bags are so cute!!
    I wouldn't believe the bear was is from h&m either. :O
    Regardless, you always find really good things in thrift shops!


  3. Ihania laukkuja! :) Ja toi nelijalkainen voi olla aasikin, siinä on vähän Ihaata... ;)

  4. Super cute! <333

    - Anna


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