Sunday, 4 December 2016

Story: Void

Here's the link for the last part: Skirmish. Feel free to leave improvement ideas/feelings on the comments! Enjoy!

Xrir was floating in a void and everything was blurry. That Elijah, fellow. Who is he. Xrir thought back. She remembers seeing him. Sometime ago. Somewhere.
   "Ugh, my head..." Xrir groaned.
Xrir touched her forehead gently. There was a hole. She moved her both hands behind her head. The blooded shreds dangled in a non-existent wind of the void.
   Flashes of a lanky, purple haired young man invaded her shattered mind. He was soldier of some kind, no, a knight. This man, "Elijah" though. He is a good fighter, killing magnificent mystic beasts but people, humans as well. Evil knight. 
   Flashes increased rapidly and soon Xrir could only spot half of second long memories of vampires. Horrible people and her old master; lord Galen feasting on living people.
   Meanwhile Melanie breathing heavily, laying next to Xrir's lifeless corpse. Melanie was exhausted, she seemingly hadn't get used to killing. 
   "It should be dead by now." Melanie said in state of disbelief.
   She shook her head and then grabbed her little pouch from her waist. Inside the pouch was little bellows that made strange liquidy sound.
   Puff. Melanie pumped the little bellows to Xrir's mouth. It had to be somekind of medicine. Puff. But what would it do. She has a gun wound in her head! Puff. 
   "Wake up, spirit." 
Puff. Brains splattered across the wall! Puff. Puff. What would that do! Wait. Xrir noticed herself looking down on her corpse. Everything was sharp. Puff!
   And with a small nudge she saw Melanie leaning over her. Xrir was alive. Again. Her head was healed back to normal. Xrir squeezed her hand to a fist.
   "I guess after that, you're with me now but you must listen..." Melanie said but was interrupted by Xrir's fist on her cheek. Melanie grunted but continued calmly as she could.
   "... I understand. I explain you, what's going on and how to deal with it but first I'll tell you this much; I can't save you for second time."
   "Save?!" Xrir replied. "You can't just kill people like that!"
Melanie nodded quickly but Xrir was mad. Really mad.

To be continued...


  1. Pelastuminen, ja jälleen jäi jännittävään kohtaan! :)

    1. Hehe, kiitos ja kiva kun jaksat lukea näitä Kirppu! :D


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