Friday, 23 December 2016

Story: Solution to the Darkness

Here's the link for the last part: Back and Forth. Feel free to leave improvement ideas/feelings on the comments! Enjoy! 

   The ominous thumping sound that reminded of a thunder on plain was closing in. The thing that Melanie calls Haunt was approaching. It was a magical creature, apparently, and most seemingly Evil. Xrir thought to herself, hunkered down, holding her stomach.
   Melanie had loaded her gun and pointed the door.
   "Wha-..." Xrir opened her mouth but was silenced sharp hiss from Melanie.
The stomach pain was relieving a little and Xrir could breathe little better. It was quiet. Darkness crept in from every crack. 
   "Does our voice really lure it?" Xrir asked. Melanie looked at her with a face that could kill. 
   "I mean yes, this is scary, absolutely but must we just sit here and wait for the inevitable?" Xrir continued and stood up with her shaking feet. "I am leaving, you know. I've never been slave to fear and I've worked in the vampire mansion."
   "We can't beat it in its physical form." Melanie whispered back to Xrir. 
   She really didn't know if sound attracted the beast. This was just something that felt natural.
   "Well, what's the point staying in here then?" 
   Xrir limped towards the door and pushed it open. She was standing on the verge of the void. The absolute nothingness but more she stared into the void, the more she could perceive, or at least she though she could.
   "I don't know if I am just imagining things but I think I see grass." Xrir said turning quickly towards Melanie who still was pointing past Xrir to darkness.
   "What?" Melanie replied still keeping her voice at the whisper level.
   "I think we never left really. I just feel like it." Xrir said and rose her foot outside the cabin like taking a plunge to darkness. She hesitated. "This must be some kind of crazy trust exercise." 
   "To what?!" Melanie snorted.
   "Well, yourself." Xrir replied confidently.
   The pain had eased in. She closed her eyes and put weight on her feet. There was no ground there. No air. She fell, looking at the cabin that she was slowly getting diverted away from. Falling in the void gave her time to think. 
   The odd thought about something foreign inside her body. Her stomach turned. Horrific mutated glob of flesh, ridden with razor sharp teeth and claws. Melanie had said it was gone but truly, how one could be certain? This was all too disturbing and reminisce of helplessness and disgust were still there.
   Suddenly, Xrir felt how wind caught her hair. Darkness faded away, slowly turning into whiter. And Whiter. And whiter... Until the sky popped up. Cabin disappeared with a sharp puff. She fell past lush colourful trees. Xrir knew she wouldn't survive the fall. The ground was closing in. Vibrant green grassland was approaching. It came closer. And closer... But then, heavy tug stopped her just before hitting the ground. Descending like a feather into a soft meadow that basked on the sunlight. 
   Xrir glanced around her, nothing seemed out of ordinary. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath; it was way too stressful to think what just happened. Maybe she could just take a small breather before the craziness of reality would struck again. Maybe just for a moment.

To be continued...

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