Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Story: Back and Forth

  Here's the link for the last part: Void. Feel free to leave improvement ideas/feelings on the comments! Enjoy! 

   Sun was raising and the first rays of sun touched the cabin's ragged roof. Summer night had been quite short all though it felt longer than the darkness of Northern sky. 
   Xrir and Melanie sat at the corner of cabin that now felt a lot emptier. Warm morning light had flooded the cabin. It was easier to breathe and strange, oppressive presence had lifted notably even though light revealed how dusty air really was. 
   "Okay... Well, yeah. I guess." Melanie said quickly touching her bruised cheek.
   Xrir frowned and turned slowly to look at the back wall which was still soaked in her fresh blood. She couldn't believe this really happened. Everything was all messed up!
   "I... You..." Xrir couldn't really describe her feelings. Not with words anyway. "Stupid!"
   "Relax. Listen. I am not much more familiar with this situation but I know few things just if you're willing to listen." Melanie said as convincingly as she could.
   "Okay. Can I leave then?" Xrir said clearly anxious to leave. 
   "Sorry, no. You need to wait your internals to heal..." Melanie started to explain.
   "You can't just say that after what you did! That's outrageous just stupid."
   "Just listen!" Melanie said clearly getting irritated with Xrir. "Please! I understand your situation! I've been there!"
   "No you don't! That thing..." Xrir argued
   "I am a woman as well!" Melanie said silencing Xrir. "Just listen. This is annoying for both of us!" 
   Xrir squinted her eyes. She didn't really consider herself a woman. That's a human term but to be fair Melanie wasn't a pure human either. She was too tall and muscular.
   "Let's start with the most important thing. The beast. Who we decided to call 'Haunt' is..." Melanie paused but then continued. "To be fair I don't know much about it but..."
   Xrir opened her mouth to flame her but decided not to. She had agreed with the annoying part. Melanie noticed this and nodded in appreciation.
   "It victimizes women. Female. I mean, humanoids with womb. It dwells there." Melanie added quickly. 
   She was aware of land's situation with mythical creatures. 
   "I know. Human term which I am not allowed to use."
   Melanie went silent, again, like forgetting what she was going to say. 
   The conversation seemed to last forever Xrir thought in her mind.
Melanie continued awkwardly.
   "I am going to explain all I know. Elijah knows more details but I... Just say... What I know, okay?"
   Xrir knew she was unable to leave situation that felt second by second more unreal; she was attacked by the monster and was killed by this awkward person. 
   Melanie grabbed the little bellows.
   "Medicine." She said putting the bellows back to her pouch and then pointing at the amulet on the floor. "Flesh amulet. Bad. Very bad. I don't know how and why you have it in a first place..."
Xrir shrugged her shoulders.
   "Okay... Well, the chest over there it's just for my experiments. The medicine. I am doctor in a way..." Thump. 
   Distant echo crept on the ruined walls shaking them. Melanie paused. She turned to look at the door and then back to Xrir like asking. Did you hear that? Xrir had heard it too... Thump.
   "Move. Out of the door. Run fast and quietly as you can, okay?" Melanie whispered and stood up silently. "Or die."
   Xrir stood up but felt funny on her stomach. Thump. Funny feeling had escalated to nauseating more she walked after Melanie towards the door. Melanie grabbed the amulet from the floor and concealed herself into a cape. Door squeaked open. Melanie glanced outside slamming door quickly shut after that.
   "Curses!" Melanie started to load her gun.
   "What?!" Xrir asked. 
   Melanie didn't answer. Tears had rose to her eyes. She was panicking even how much she tried to hide it. Pellets fell on the floorboards making a cute sound that reminded of a rain.
   Xrir stepped close to door and peeped outside. She couldn't see anything but darkness all though sun just rose. Xrir opened the door. Forest was gone. There was nothing but darkness. Thump.
   "Where are we?" Words escaped from Xrir's mouth dying under the nightmarish sound. Thump. Thump... 

To be continued...


  1. Tarinan näkee mielessessään lukiessaan, kun on kiinnostavia yksityiskohtia äänistä ja ympäristöstä!, niinkuin tuo sadetta muistuttava ropina! :)

    1. Kiitos! :) Kiva, että tykkäät. Vaikka kirjoitan suhteellisen paljon proosaa englanniksi, koen, että kieleni on hieman niukempaa, koska tapaan kuvailla vielä enemmän suomeksi. :D


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