Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Random Ramble: Is Elsa Not a Good Role Model?

Me and Ilar have been talking a lot about good people fighting good people.
Vegan fights for example.
How can we change the world if we can't fight it together.

Today I learned a lot about feminism.
Today I didn't feel like calling myself a feminist.

We had to analyze a movie scene of our choice. 
I chose Frozen's "Let it go"
because I thought it has awesome camera movement.

Feel free to watch it! It's super pretty and indeed has excellent top notch story telling as well.

I didn't know our editing teacher hates Disney... I did a mistake.
She didn't care about my analysis because all she could focus in was
how disgustingly sexy Elsa is... Slut shaming.
"Ew! Look at her wiggling her hips! That's a good role model for little girls."
I didn't start a fight with her for slut shaming Elsa... 
I immediately regretted it.
I couldn't challenge an old feminist.

And by hating Disney she hated Elsa's eyes as well.

She's an editor and has seen a lot in our sexist movie industry.
She had told us that in one of her first gigs in the 90s she was in a casting for the lead female role in a horror movie.
The director wanted an amateur actor for the role. The girls had to take off their tops in the casting.
The director would stare at their boobs and chose the one with the prettiest boobs. No acting skills were required. There was nude scenes in the movie so... boobs.
My teacher was the editor so she couldn't ask them to stop. 
She was just disgusted.

After the story she told I admired her a lot. "Wow! She's a feminist!" I thought.
But today I learned how different of a feminist she is...
She's the old feminist who thinks women are allowed (or supposed) 
to be ugly.
If you are sexy/feminine you are pleasing men.
"Feminine is not feminist."

I've been treated badly because I'm too pretty to be a feminist.
Some old feminists don't get our new age of feminism.
Elsa can change herself into a stunning woman if she wants to.
She did it for herself. Not for a man. Not for a woman.

I can't get it. How can a woman slut shame her "sister". 
Just because she wants to look pretty. 
Just because her body is feminine.

This is the very shot she had a problem with.

I had problems accepting my body when I grew from a kid to a woman.
I was ashamed of my boobs getting bigger and wide hips.
I wore a lot of loose clothing. I never wore dresses and skirts.
I slut shamed myself.
I learned to accept my body by starting to dress up more feminine.
Showing off my new cleavage with tight tops and jeans.
I never dated anyone (before Ilar). I thought guys were EW!
I was a straight A student and proud of it.
Curves didn't make me dumb.

My teacher (a mother to a daughter) slut shaming Elsa made me wonder:
"Am I gonna be a bad role model for my future daughter?"
(I'm not pregnant btw :'D)
I have wide hips and I like to dress up to show off my curves whenever I feel like it.
I like to use makeup.
I don't use a bra.
"Am I too sexy to be a good mother?"

 There'll always be people who judge you.
But when people who you thought you respected judge you...
It makes me question myself.

I want to believe in that sex/body positivity and femininity are a good thing.
There's room for all of us. Androgynous, masculine, feminine etc.
We must be able to express our selves for our selves.
And no one is allowed to hurt us for being who we want to be.
No one should tell others how to dress up.
Curves don't make you a bad person.
 And neither does embracing them.

I wish we could just all be friends... Curvy girls, big girls, skinny girls, androgynous girls...
It's already hard enough to be a woman so why do we fight?


  1. I actually don't like the movie Frozen. :O
    However, I do not agree with the remarks your teacher made about Elsa. She's judging with an old-fashioned and personal opinion. Not very good for a teacher to be doing since it's limiting the open mindset that students should have the liberty to express.


  2. I hate when women slut shame other women! It's not ok! You are so right!

  3. What an archaic way of thinking, smh... I could not agree with you more!! Thank you for sharing!
    ♡ Dulce

  4. Balance in all things. Feminism is great when it doesn't become radicalized.


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