Thursday, 15 December 2016

Outfit: Winterland of Mårran

 This skirt reminded us of the Groke (Mårran/Mörkö) 
so we had to buy it.
(and it was only 2€... yay)

 As you can see (?) 
it was snowing :)
The snow has been coming back and melting all the time.
Good thing is we've been able to take cute romantic snow pics 
( * w * ) <3

 But it's cold...
Not too cold yet tho!

Please excuse the purple lipstick on my teeth :'D

 cardigan: old
beret: thrifted
skirt: thrifted
leggings: black milk

 No picture :0

 Yay for Ilar's new winter vest!!
He said it's the warmest and we both love the colours so much!!

hat: running koala
vest: thrifted + diy
belt: thrifted


  1. Lind you are wearing all my favourite colours! Amazing shades!

    1. <3 aww! that's so lovely ^ w ^ <3 happy to hear that!! thank you <3


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