Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Outfit: Turquoise is the colour of the Day

 I'm wearing Finnish design in this outfit 
^ - ^
I used to buy a lot of Finnish stuff around 2009-13.
Nowadays I'm all about thrifty stuff ;) as you all well know.
Still big fan of Finnish design.

Ocean wave.

Talking about the ocean, she wanted to join me of obvious reason...
Almost hair twins :D yay!


t-shirt: Haldin
 tights: mary a jalava
necklace: diy

Apparently cyborg fur ball wanted to join as well...

Posing in front of camera is no biggie for either of these fellas.

Ilar has limited collection of Finnish design but at least 
there's always a Marimekko :D


Cyborg was all furious about lack of attention it received in photo shoot. 

shirt: thrifted (marimekko)
pants: gift
scarf: old


  1. Love this so so much! I loved having blue or turquoise hair in the past! I may do it permanently when I am old and have white hair! Ha ha!

    1. It's so dreamy to think about having a white hair!! * 0 * you really need to do it when you're old <3 <3
      thank you so much, Laura!!


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