Sunday, 1 January 2017

Outfit: Baby Frost Pink

 Our school day ended before 4 PM so we took a camera with us.
Lighting was dying but this place still looked so cute ;-)

 (and yes these pics were taken before holiday break)

 This was the place where we tried to take outfit pics when we applied to our school(or college as grown ups would call it ;'DD)
and lil boys scared us by coming to stare at us :'D

Finally we got the pics! >:D

 Arctic Fox's Neverland looks lovely even after a few washes.
Love it!

 The war sounds try to remind us of the coming of a New Year...
Who cares :) we're just gonna play video games.
Life is lovely.

 shirt: thrifted
tie: thrifted
suspenders: thrifted
vest: thrifted



 The neony peach and turquoise stuff are body art liners
by LA splash.
They are super handy and fun to use :)

hat: tiny moon
jumper: hand me down 
skirt: black milk
leggings: black milk
shoes: gift
bow tie: old


  1. Söpön pinkkiä ja suloisen pastelliset hiukset! Ja kuvat on otettu ihanan sinisenä hetkenä! :)

    1. ihanan kauniisti sanottu, kirrppu! <3 :D kiitos paljon!


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