Saturday, 3 December 2016

November Favorites

Here's little list of our favorites again. 
Surprise, surprise a lot of something edible. xD 
We don't tend to buy much anything else than our thrift clothes so, these tend to be food / entertainment posts for the most part.

"Court Food"
Finnish food brand thats main focus is vegan products.
(Pic taken from their website. It's only in Finnish.)

We've enjoyed a bunch of "prepared foods" this month just because we have been really busy. This opportunity has proved to be great for us. We've discovered this young brand of vegan foods that we just must support. The food itself is good. I've never been too keen on meat pies of any sort but it must be said that the vegan version... Umm... "Vege pie" is quite good! Our favorite product from them is the one and only Karjalan piirakka. 
Maybe one day, with a lot of support they can remove the meat products from their menu. Permanently. ;)

Note: Karjalan piirakka is a traditional Finnish food that is sort of like bread size pie filled with moist rice. Strange but good IMO.

Nietos Black Tea
by Lord Nelson.
Flavoured with cowberry and cookie.
(Sitä saa Lidlistä. Pic from here.)
This is 1 of 2 Winter season teas by Lord Nelson.
This is amazing tea and we've drank almost half of it already!
It smells so sweet! Just like fresh baked cookies and 
tastes like it as well.
We never have been fans of cowberry but 
this is something new and great! Love it. :)

Vegan + cruelty free hair dyes!
It's so nice get to try out these new hair dyes. 
The ones we've tried are Girls Night Out and Neverland.
Which are durable pastel dyes. Sadly, they don't sell them in Finland and thus we are forced to buy them abroad :S

Chef's Table
Netflix documentary series about high cuisine chefs.

(Pic taken from wikipedia)

We like documentaries, especially the food ones.
The show is good absolutely but we've come to realize that 
looking at cooking meat makes us feel little sick. 
It was so great to see one vegetarian food focused chef.
Like the world of chefs in general the lack of female chefs is quite sad in the show as well. Hopefully we can have at least one vegan chef and more females in the future. :)

Random note: We've watched a lot more Winx. The season one was better than Lind remembered. We liked it a lot :D We also watched show's "sort of reboot version" called World of Winx.
It was alright and we liked the computer cut out style animation very much. Good choice! The story was little meh but we shall see when the next season comes out at the summer 2017.

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  1. I enjoy premade foods that are ready to just put in the oven and I love to try and eat more vegan and vegetarian!

    1. Yea sometimes they can help a big time! and that's awesome! :D


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