Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Xmas (+lifeupdate)

Here we go, our Xmas post and little life update as well.
Let's start with a life update.
So, we've had a quite rough Xmas waiting period what it comes to working. Lind has been working on a paid art project for her sister's café; Lind is painting and crafting some of her art goodie decorations. She has been working over a week with this project. :D She has enjoyed in plenty though 'cus she loves crafting.

Here's some pics from them! 
Wow! :D

I've been doing the posts and rewriting my stage play. 
I am adding few songs in it after I got knowledge how to write  stage play songs without actually composing them. :D

Our Xmas itself is going to be quite short since we're starting executing the "café project" (making a wall painting) at 25.12 and yes, in Finland Xmas is traditionally celebrated at 24th eve.

Let's get into Xmas business now, shall we?
This is our first Xmas together. Without anybody else.
We're so happy and have waited for this whole holiday!
Our last Xmas was quite horrific and it goes without saying that we're loving this. :D

Our Xmas dinner contains:

Rice porridge for breakfast.
Rice, Vegan milk + carnation and cinnamon for spices makes
the Xmas feeling all though we tend to eat this through the year xD 

Swedebox, Carrotbox, butternut squash
These are traditional side dishes to ham roast (excluding the butternut squash which is just our special addition.)
We don't like potato box because potato is the most boring vegetable. D: 'cus Finns use it in everything.
If you're not familiar with the "box foods" their texture reminds little like casserole. The best part of Xmas table it must be said.

 Quorn roast with mustard sauce and toast:
Quorn is vegetarian substitute for ham roast.
It tastes really good but reminds us of meat a lot.
This makes me wonder why would anybody eat meat when there
is this option?! 
Toasty is so roasty that it needs no further explanation.

and for desserts we're having 
a lot of different kind of nuts; almonds, cashews, peanuts etc :D
+ little bit chocolate.
Nuts are so Xmassy and delicious!

All though presents aren't that much of a deal for us we're going to have a VHS player 'cus VHS cassettes are so nostalgic and awesome watching experience (still, believe it or not). 
Lind is going to dye my pants for Xmas :D 
We often give presents to each other when we feel like to. We don't need a specific day to do so. :)

Today we're going to spend watching some movies, playing some Overwatch winter wonderland edition and just simply enjoying each others company like we always do :)

We're waiting the upcoming year with great interest.
This year has been quite rough for us ('cus people around us) and next year will be a lot better we already know it :)
We are waiting for student exchange so much!
It's going to be a blast!

Thanks for reading!


  1. *A* Lind's crafts look amazing!! So glad to hear that you two will be spending time together. Happy holidays :))
    ♡ Dulce

  2. Aww! I remember my first XMAS with my partner in our first apartment together and it was really special. Reading about your experience brings back those memories. :3 I hope you have a happy holiday and a wonderful new year! <3

    - Anna


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