Saturday, 17 December 2016

Autumn Leaf Bathbomb

Haven't done one of these for a while but here we go.
This one is a bath bomb called Autumn Leaf by Lush.
Multilayer leaf is super cute!
We have taken less baths with bombs lately.
It's hard when only Lush are in Helsinki.
Leaf starts to melt right away as the bombs often do.
Colours are so beautiful! Very autumnal!

Autumn has the best colours! 
This suits us well even though it's already winter! 

Scent is nice! We thought about the best word to describe it and ended up with masculine.
The scent itself is very earthy and even forestlike. It's nice that Lush has many different scents and colours. It would be so boring to have every bath just alike. 

 Colour ended up to be much like autumn puddle.
You know? The one that was filled after rain leaving warm coloured leaves under the water.
Pigment scattered on the surface.
Nice experience as a whole indeed. 
We recommend this to a everyone who likes earthy scents.
I would imagine this would be good bomb to most manly men.


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