Monday, 21 November 2016

Thrift Haul: For Ilar! ...Mostly

We decided to go to UFF sale and found a lot clothes! 
(Link is for those who are curious about this thrift store) 
Surprisingly, most of them were for me!
It must be said that this is quite uncommon but we're happy! :D

 Let's start with this lovely Autumn / oil slick vest. 
It's wonderful and I think it's at least one of my favorite finds.
The colours are so artsy. :D

This is for little bit colder days and thus acceptable considering weather here... However, I like the colours.
They remind me of this weird chocolate / ice cream "combo thingy"
of raspberry / salty licorice.
I don' t like the flavour combo 
but the colours are nice and different imo.
What's up with pink?! :D Love it.

This jackets sleeves were actually too small for me :S
Probably made for a grandma way smaller than me. 
We decided to buy it and make a vest out of it.
It was way too pretty to leave and look at it.
It's all mossy! Who knows how much longer it would have lasted, right?!

This was way too cute.
I know it's kinda "pajamalike" but I am going to use it
other ways than that.
Fun fact: Lind has old trousers that have same adorable creature!
I think it's dust mite of some sort.

 Haven't seen a dress shirt in this colour.
It was a must buy all though I am not using these kind clothes 
that much anymore.
Silver and baby pink... Yea.

These are pics from a sheet Lind wanted to buy for her projects. 
Guess the movie!
This we bought mainly for home use.
We have one like these at the moment.
It's light blue with pink heart print.
It reminds us of "Sulley" (fin. Tare) from the movie Monsters Inc.
and this one... Well, this is "Mike" :D 
As you might have guessed already.

Lind got this... I don't know even how to call what this really is.
I think it's from 90s like a popcorn shirt.
It fit her well and she doesn't have anything like this so...

Ugh, That's not a good pic but I guess it will do.
It's longer skirt for these unpleasant cold Nordic winters.
It's cute colour; like the Groke. 

This dress has basically same purpose but Lind thought long and hard about buying this because she's isn't so fond of gray.
We bought it and are happy that we did.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Todella söpö toi otus-pyjamapaita! Ja ihana Mörkö-hamekin löytyi! :)

    1. Otukset 10/10. Mutta mitä ne ovat? Pölypalloja? :O


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