Friday, 11 November 2016

Story: Worse Than a Vampire

Here's the link for the last part: Forest. Feel free to leave improvement ideas/feelings on the comments! Enjoy!

Intimidating shadowy figure gazed upon little house spirit who struggled to keep herself from shaking.
   "Who are you?" Figure asked finally.
Voice was nothing Xrir expected. It sounded like a person. Something familiar.
   "I am Xrir. Lowly house spirit looking for shelter... The forest is swarming vampires at the nightfall..." Xrir stuttered.
Figure didn't make a sound to reply.
   "But you already knew that didn't you?" Xrir continued.
   "What makes you think that?" Figure replied after long pause. 
Xrir hinting to the chest filled with sinister items with her eyes. Her hands still soaked in dried blood.
   "You're a witch aren't you?"
Shadowy figure turned around and looked outside. Sky was blue and sun was almost set. Figure stepped inside the cabin Xrir followed but was soon forced against the back wall. 
   "Did you know this forest is actually haunted." Figure said and took off the hood. "My name is Melanie and no. I am not a witch." 
   Xrir was little relieved after noticing Melanie to be a something friendly... Or relatively friendlier than a witch. Melanie could be...
   "Neither I am bounty hunter." Melanie said and took off her cloak putting it down on the floor.
   "Am I that obvious?" Xrir said clearly offended. 
   "Yea, well. You are. Please, don't be so awkward." Melanie said tiredly. "I've no room for guests but if I were you; I wouldn't be worried about vampires."
   Xrir stared Melanie who slowly raised her hand out pointing outside. Melanie's hands were scarred. Obviously from numerous battles she had took part of and maybe something else.
   "No. Come on! Vampires are bad enough for me!" 
   "I am sorry. I truly are but this is my 'shelter' and I don't need an attention maker. This is way too difficult as is." Melanie replied calmly. 
   "What is difficult? Attention maker?! ME? I am small as a bird!" Xrir was now officially insulted.
   "Well, have you smelled yourself?" Melanie asked with a condescending tone.
   "Okay you know what. I am not leaving." Xrir said. She wasn't scared of Melanie. Not after that. She was clearly hiding something. 
Melanie sighed heavily and closed the door. She sat on the floor crossing her legs back against the wall.
   "You're such a bully! You can't say things like that to a woman!"
Xrir continued. "Shame on you! In fact, I think you're the stinker here..." 
   "Be quiet." Melanie interrupted Xrir. "If you're going to stay, please don't say a word and if things get dire: stay out of my way."
   Xrir held her tongue and sat next to the chest but after remembering innards slided away from the chest. Melanie closed her eyes and started mumbling something. Both of them sat quietly as the darkness crept inside. It was the moment one could hear the echoing screams of the undead outside.
   Xrir felt nervous and didn't know what to do. She started to grope the amulet inside her pocket.
   Melanie stopped moving completely. She was listening. Even Xrir stopped and looked at Melanie. Silence descended. Wind blew outside but nothing else was heard. Where vampires go? Xrir took the amulet out of her pocket and looked at it. It's so shining...
Melanie opened her eyes suddenly and by this instant was standing front of Xrir.
   "I knew it! You idiot!" Melanie kicked the amulet off Xrir's hand and looked to the door. "It's here." 
Xrir was baffled. What did I do?!

To be continued...


  1. Cliffhanger lopetus! Mitä tapahtuukaan seuraavaksi? ;)

    1. :D Saan harvoin lopetettua muulla tavalla etenkin jos kirjoittaa näin episoodalisesti... >.>


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