Thursday, 17 November 2016

Story: Skirmish

Here's the link for the last part: Worse than Vampire. Feel free to leave improvement ideas/feelings on the comments! Enjoy!

Amulet slided across the room until it hit the back wall of the cabin with a sharp clink that echoed strangely around the cabin. Ominous wind kept blowing outside.
   Melanie unsheathed her dagger and sneak up to window. After quick glance she sat down and pulled small one handed blunderbuss from inside her jacket mumbling something. Xrir didn't know what to say. This all came way too sudden for her. Xrir had no weapons and to be fair she never hadn't even seen a proper battle before and now she's suddenly all middle of it. Melanie started loading gun with small black pellets while holding dagger between her teeth as the amulet started slowly glowing dark red. 
   "Well, it has never done anything like that before." Xrir said all though she knew she shouldn't.
Melanie ignored her, gun on the other hand while dagger squeezed other. 
   Forest whispered nightmarish sounds. Echoing screams that one could have thought are made by something human but yet at the same time they were unnatural. 
   Melanie stepped front of the door holding gun in front of her. Waiting. Xrir was still standing next to back wall and she couldn't see Melanie's face. Was she nervous?
   Sound came closer by the second. Xrir started shake uncontrollably but suddenly, sound stopped just as fast as it had begun. Melanie stood completely still pointing at the door.
   "What was that..." Xrir asked but then felt excruciating pain at her stomach. 
She felt down on her knee, holding her stomach. It felt like something living was was crawling inside her. She had troubles of breathing. That something started to gnaw her. With sharp teeth sinking into her intestines. Door slammed open. Melanie shot without hesitation. Bang! World faded away slowly and second shot sounded like something distant. Even little calming. Everything was blurring rapidly. 
   Xrir was laying on the floor, numb from the pain. She glanced down and the last gusts of breath escaped her lungs. There was horrific, odd figure biting her lower stomach. The thing looked like something mutated, glob of skin and flesh with big teeth and claws. It was ripping and tearing in a haze of blood.
   Crack! The breaking glass made world clear again. The creature was gone and so was the pain. Melanie stood on top of Xrir pointing a gun at her. Melanie's eyes burned like a coal and her skin was ash grey.
   "Why did you call it?" Melanie asked.
   "Wa-what?" Xrir replied clearly not understanding the question.
Xrir tried to stand up but Melanie's foot pushed her back on the floor.
   "Who are you?" Melanie asked kneeling closer on shaking house spirit. "...Elijah?"
Melanie growled and forced barrel of the gun on Xrir's forehead.
   "I... I am... Elijah?" Xrir said.
The name sounded familiar. Not a vampire name. No, something different. Lonely tear rose to Melanie's eye just to vaporize to air from the heat of the burning eyes.
   "No." Xrir replied.
Melanie sighed looking down on Xrir with a melancholic smile. She took a deep breath and slowly squeezed the trigger. 

To be continued...


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