Thursday, 1 December 2016

Outfits Collection: Lemon Lime hair

 These outfits are from February-March.

1 million Lind outfits and only 3 Ilars ; A ;
It was winter so we had problems with lighting... We hated it so we just quickly took some pics of Lindiwyrmer. I just can't believe how many outfits we shot... I'm proud of us! :D

Lind's faves from herself are Swedish and Cutie. And from Ilar the Sprout one!

Ilar liked Sprout one from himself and Dark land mermaid & Swedish from Lind!

Here's video about us dyeing our hair!


  1. Kaikki ihania asuja, mutta tuo mermaid slayer toimii erityisesti! Ja tietty sininen not-Swedish! ;)


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