Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Outfit: Snowy Totem

 It was a romantic snowy weekend morning 
in the beginning of November.

How could we not take some outfits pictures!
Hope you enjoy :)

 Too bad Ilar had to go check out the place they were filming 
so that he knew how to do the lighting.

We hardly even had time to take pics of ol' Wörmzy.

 It was quite warm 
but I started feeling chilly at the end of our shoot 
* . *
I really hope that we'll be able to take more outfit pics in snow this winter!
it looks fun in the pics :)

 Snow bunny was really happy that day!

 I have a couple of these warm knitted dresses with no sleeves...
and they are all by Finnish designers :') 
haha! Such unpractical design but I still love them <3

 I really should wear sunnies in Winter but... 
it feels so funny ^ - ^;


beret: thrifted
dress: kaksitvå (rip)
mermaid leggings: black milk
bunny bag: accessories (old)
hair: neverland (arctic fox)


  1. Rad dress! Adorable bag! <3

    - Anna


  2. Such a cute bunny bag! I could do with some snow right now! You have such an amazing wardrobe!

    1. aww you are so lovely Laura <3 * w *
      thank you so much :D


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