Friday, 4 November 2016

Outfit: Neon Clown Season + new hair

New hair and new season is all about clown glam.
 It's a thing.

 Hee hee heee !

 Guess what.
We weren't happy with this hair colour...
The green (crazy colour Lime Twist) is THE BEST neon green everrrr.
We love it to bits.

But we used Splat's berry blast on the tips of the hair and...
we shouldn't have mixed it with conditioner.
It turned out weird.
Don't get me wrong. 
Splat isn't as bad hair dye as people say but you need to know how the shade acts before mixing it.

We fixed the reddish parts... :)
New hair pics soon!

 We had too much fun taking pics :)
I'm Mrs. Mime.

 <3 this skirt!!!

 Hair pics!

 See the red spot where my neck starts?
It's the ghost of a pimple that I had like a month ago.
My skin is so fair and sensitive.
It takes forever to heal :'(

By our favourite designer Poola Kataryna!!

earring: Poola Kataryna
suspenders: ninja
top: black milk
skirt: thrifted
tights: old

 This berry blast turned out quite kawaii.
Its reminds us of marjapuuro "berry porridge".

 We mixed Lime Twist with a lil bit of conditioner and it still turned out this super pigmented and neon awesomeness.
Highly recommend it!!!


 I had to add this pic because it's so cute :D
and it's a good reminder that even if it might seem shallow 
blog your outfits,
we think "fashion" is supposed to be fun ^ - ^

We love to laugh and we laugh when we act shallow and 
take pics of each other.
We laugh because we are having fun.

t-shirt: etsy
belt: thrifted

btw November 1st it snowed...
and it's still autumn..?
Merry xmas!!


  1. I love the green!!!
    Can't wait to see the other photos. We make mistakes and learn from them. :)
    And yes, taking shallow photos is pretty fun and gives a good laugh!


  2. So in love with that skirt! <333 Rad hair and accessories. Your dude's hair is awesome, too! :D

    - Anna

    1. awww thanks, lovely Anna!! :D I love his hair too!!


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