Sunday, 13 November 2016

Outfit: Happy Blue Clown Season

This hair can stay! :D <3

And clown season is here to stay too woo hoo!

We just added some Direction's Neon Blue on the Splat's Berry Blast.
And it was fixed yay :D
Mine turned a bit more darker 'cos we ran out of conditioner (to mix the colour with).

We bought this house years ago 'cos I want to use it in a "future project"...
don't know in which one yet :'D hehe

Time to check out the hair!

We left the mini hair stay berry blast.
because it's kawaii!

I guess I need to make heart cheeks in all the colours now 

Something new with Ilar....??

Moustache... gone o_0
Ilar said they can't stay away.
He just wondered how he looked without them.

( don't worry they are already back <3 )

Loving the perfect slime green colour 
(lime twist by crazy colour)

We're happy with this alien green hair :)
Green rules in every way possible >;)

shirt: thrifted (marimekko)
vest: thrifted
scarf: old
pants: old


  1. Hiuspiristystä talven keskelle! :) Plus paidan olennot on super-kawaii! Ja söpöt sukat! ;)

    1. Hihiii :D aina kiva olla piristeenä! jeejee kiitos paljon, Kirppunen!

  2. Omg that skirt! <333 The love the top, too! :D

    – Anna


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