Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Outfit: Dreaming of White Autumn + new hair

 It snowed in the very beginning of November.
November is called an autumnal month...
believe me, it's not.

It's a baby winter month!
^ 0 ^

 New hair!
Too bad we didn't take pics of Ilar's hair :'(
We used only Arctic Fox's Neverland this time.

It was our first time using Arctic Fox too!!
We loved the strong tutti frutti smell <3 
Our hair colour cabinet (yes, it's a thing) smells heavenly now 
* w * <3

We didn't mix the dye with conditioner because it looked quite pastel.
We don't regret the decision.
 We love the end result.
The picture of the hair colour on their site is pretty accurate!
My hair had quite a lot of bluish shades at the tips which was great because it made my hair look more realistic... :'D meaning that it's not just a one shade.

We think this is one of the cutest shades of green everrrr!!
We used the whole big bottle so we already bought a new one.
We bought them from Dolls kill.

 We've been super lazy with the outfit posts lately 
(because of awesome school projects)
Sorry for that!!
It also doesn't help that it's pitch black at 4 PM...
We had to hurry to take these pics because every minute counts ;___;

I think Finland is an interesting place to spend a holiday or your student exchange months, yes!
But we really don't know if we want to live here forever...
Too dark and cold for us.
And we don't even live in the North... :')

beret: thrifted
skirt: black milk
leggings: black milk
shoes: gift (moon boot)
glasses: Andy Wolf


  1. Your hair looks fantastic! Love the color contrast with the cute glasses, too!

    - Anna

  2. Love this hair color! Totally get what you mean tho, the days feel so short during the winter. :/
    ♡ Dulce

    1. aww thanks, Dulce :< :D <3 winter is...yeah

      happy that you like it <3 <3


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