Saturday, 19 November 2016

Outfit: Beasts of Autumn

These pics were taken in October when we didn't have snow yet.
Lucky days...
And the snow already melted ^ w ^;
The snow we had was really pretty tho.
Just like in the romantic xmas cards.

I'm trying my best to pose like a proper lady...
or not really :'D
I'm a lady.

Can't get enough of this cuteness.

This had to happen.
Wearing my Poola Katryna earring and suspender skirt together.
The more monster the merrier!

I wasn't sure about the makeup look I'd do...
so I just used all the colours in my palette.

Hair check!
Nothing new...

earring: poola kataryna
suspender skirt: poola kataryna
leggings: black milk
shoes: gift (moon boot)
lipstick: melt (blow)

Here comes Ilar.

"Oh I didn't see you there... big bear?"

Sorry Ilar's hair looks so light in these pictures.
It's a neony green so... hard to take perfect pics :S

vest: hand me down
tie: thrifted
shoes: irregular choice
gloves: gift


  1. That's very pretty makeup! It goes nicely with the outfit. :D
    I used to have skeleton gloves!


    1. glad you think so :D thank you!
      yay <3
      those are some magical gloves you can use your smart phone with :0 :D

  2. Love your cute monster and mythical creature outfits!

  3. Rad pinafore. Love that it has pockets! :D Your dude's skelly gloves are awesome! <3

    – Anna

    1. Hehe :D yeah! thank you so much, Anna bear!

  4. Aivan ihana mörkö-mekko ja korvikset!!! :)


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