Wednesday, 2 November 2016

October Favorites

We've worked quite a much this month and looking back nothing much else has been going on. I mean, we've eaten a lot of new kind of vegan foods which is mostly what this post is going to contain about. So, without further do...

The swedish vegan protein.

(Picture is from Oumph!'s website)

We bought this in order to try this out since it has been on shelves for a quite some time now.
It was something else all right. Not only it felt like meat it tasted like meat (chicken meat to be exact).
It was so strange eating anything like this for such long break from meat. To be honest it didn't suit us just for this reason.
We've come to realize that we can't stand even the "meaty" textures anymore. They feel icky. 
But everyone who's trying to leave meat behind (kudos to you if you are btw) this is perfect. It's 100% vegan AND tastes nothing out of ordinary! Everyone should try this and just to stress it out:
There's nothing wrong eating vegetable protein. It does not make you any less vegetarian/vegan, quite opposite really. Just personally to us this was too well executed to simulate meat. 

(Sadly, there was no english version. D:)
(Picture is from Pofu's website)

This is Finnish vegan soy product. It's meant for burgers and such and all in all reminds us very much of maksamakkara "liver sausage". We thought it was little dry and "meaty" to our liking.
Just like Oumph: Perfect for those who have problems leaving meat behind.
Believe me, you don't see a difference! 

One more food to add is new kind of vegan cheese we found:
This was big surprise to us. It was cheapest vegan cheese available and it tastes really good!
We took chili one. I like chili.
+ most importantly it's Finnish as well! It's so important that more and more countries start making vegan foods and thus make them available to everyone.

Hmh... It's funny but maybe... 
Just maybe... We could actually save this planet after all...
You know, Earth.


We managed to go couple times to thrift store last month as well. I managed to find new trousers. Yey! They're just my style / size. Considering I've like 8 pair of trousers all in all, I needed these. 

The hairball you know. We just had to include it. It's one of our favorites you know. :D

Something I want to mention is a good movie by amazing director:
Fucking Åmål (eng. Show me love) 
by Lukas Moodysson.
This movie is great and Moodysson's style of making movies 
is just simply amazing.
The movie itself is about teenage girls' homosexuality. Which made movie revolutionary in late 90s. I recommend this to everyone. 
To be honest we both had seen Fucking Åmål before but neither of us remembered how positive the movie is. It was nice to watch it again.

So that's basically all. In top of all these we've enjoyed long naps, occasional walks outside and Overwatch's Halloween update.
It has been a blast.

Thanks for reading!

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