Sunday, 27 November 2016

Confessions of a Makeup user

I love makeup. 
And I wanted to share a few facts about me 
as a makeup user.

1. There's more days in the week when I'm not wearing makeup.

I like myself without makeup just as much as with it.
I don't want to waste time to do makeup for just working at home. Or going to a boring class. 

I've been wondering if I should post more pics of me without makeup..?
I just love to take outfit pics whenever I'm dolled up ^ - ^
because I love doing a fun makeup look... but yeah... maybe some no makeup outfits too?

2. I don't own or use any kind of foundation products.

It disgusts me nowadays. I think it looks ugly on me.
Stopping using foundation (daily) about 3 years ago has improved my skin so much.
I used to pick my skin and it was easy to keep on doing because I could always hide it under the irl photoshop layers.

3. I haven't been using mascara in a year +

Just because I haven't found a good, waterproof and not super expensive cruelty free vegan mascara.
But I've been feeling like using it again lately. 
I just haven't bought one :)
I'm super happy about this experience.
Going cruelty free has taught me to be more minimalistic.
I don't have to own everything.
I'm happy with what I have now :)

4. I don't own an eyeliner

But I use (matte) liquid lipsticks as my eyeliner.
They are much more fun, as easy to use, they stay on better 
and less products = less waste on Earth ;)

I also don't own eyebrow pens etc

5. I take my makeup off with coconut oil
and makeup wipes.
I use coconut oil on everything so... Money saved :D

6. I'm happiest when my makeup look consists of: highlighter, glitter, fake freckles and blush.

Loads of everything above.

7. I'm not afraid of messy makeup

Especially lipstick looks so cute after eating or kissing.
I think it looks so natural that it's charming :)

And sleeping with your makeup is a big no no but I think eyeliner looks cute after a lil nap ;)  

8. I can't use false lashes

yeah... :')

9. When I'm lazy but want to wear some makeup I just put on dark lipstick

I think it is such a huge distraction ;) and it looks cute ofc!

10. I use lip stain as eyebrow gel and blush

and shimmering eyeshadows as coloured highlighters :)

11. I hardly ever need to buy new makeup products

Because I use cruelty free products and live in Finland
I've "had to" stop myself from buying many things.
When in doubt  (is this cruelty free) -I leave it.
Makes me feel powerful and happiest!
my lush highlighter lasts over a year and I'll never run out of eyeshadows with 2 palettes...
and I'm not into trends and collecting makeup.
so yay

I hope you might find this inspiring
or maybe you just learned something new about me :)

Be your own makeup(less) guru!


  1. Hyviä periaatteita: käytä meikkiä niinkuin itselle sopii! Ja värit piristää aina! :)

  2. I love how creative you get with your makeup!!
    And you have natural beauty too. :)
    My go-to product for removing any makeup is a cruelty-free rose oil.<3


  3. OMG I can't believe you own only two palettes~ Seriously though your makeup looks are so creative, I really love the eyeball freckles and the strawberry freckles. Now I feel so inspired to create more fun looks ^^


  4. I always try and make sure to like myself with and without makeup! I don't use foundation either, sensitive skin!

  5. Wow, some of your confessions are shocking! Especially on the foundation one. Anyway your makeup skill is beyond amazing!

  6. Dreaminess, swooning over glitter and highligher!! The freckles and blush add a lovley hint of color. <3 Coconut oil is the the best, I use for just about everything too :3
    Wowee, I would not have guessed you don't wear foundation bc your skin always looks so fresh and flawless. Your lashes are always killing it! Personally cruelty-free vegan mascara is the only thing I splurge on cause cruelty-free drugstore brands are pretty dry/crummy and it's one item I can't go without.
    ♡ Dulce

  7. You're stunningly beautiful. I don't use fondation either and often go without make up. I like make up to emphasize natural beauty, not hide a face.


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