Sunday, 16 October 2016

Thrift haul: Strange hairball

This time we managed to find only a few items from our nearby thrift store. It was fine though. We both were really happy afterwards.

Lind found this tie. Print looks like fruit/lizard skin. It's really cool and very well tied. My ties are always quite sloppy as you might have noticed.

I need more belts and this was a dream found for us. It fits perfectly! It's a miracle, in fact probably first belt I've found from a thrift store that actually was made for my size. I know it might be children's belt but I am quite a thin guy.

I am usually the one responsible about checking the dvds. They tend to be quite expensive for our standards. I mean. 4-7€ for a random used dvd? Nah. But this was once again amazing found with costing only 2€. It's called The Squid and the Whale.

Lind has heard about this movie before. It's comedy-drama film by Noah Baumbach (produced by our favorite director Wes Anderson). 
We can't wait to watch this. It sounded so quirky! 
I am so happy!

And... We found this... Umm.. Hairball.


Lind was so happy from this, all though we don't really know what to do with it. The tag said it's supposedly a Cyborg Hairball 
("Kyborgi pörröpallo").
It makes awful loud noise. Most of the voice lines are some kind of beeps and boops but some are... Well... Quite "questionable" jokes, which I am going to leave up to your imagination.

So, that's it!
We are going to return the thrift store at Monday to get one more thing. It's rainbow thread for Lind's doll projects.

Thanks for reading! :>



  1. Aarteenetsintää! Cool kraka ja toi karvapallo on suloisen pelottava... :)

    1. Jep! Se on tosi kiva aina löytää jotain erikoista kirppareilta! :D


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