Thursday, 27 October 2016

Thoughts of the Day: Gentlemen today

Having a lunch at school.
"How's your day?"
Chatting with my wife.
Suddenly, interrupted.
"We're not going to hire any gay people."
My attention was captured.
Unknown voice manifested a face.
Business student, man, roughly my age.
Made me reflect my memories of other men.
Oh, this one I know;
He watched porn. 
Beat his girl afterwards. 
Elegantly complaining about sex.
Fine chap. 
Just like this one.
"Oh, just another modern gentleman."
I wrote to my wife.
Eng. "That's quite interesting."
art by Lindworm, pig designed by Ilar


  1. How people still have horrible mentalities like that? Too much ignorance. -____-



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