Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Story: Prologue

It begins. The story I mean. Here's link to tell you what's up. Feel free to leave improvement ideas/feelings on the comments! Enjoy! :)

   "Come on now, Elijah!" Echoed through the castle. 
Sound was quiet but clear. It belonged to a woman. 
   Her small knitted shoes didn't make any sound as she ran on the cold rocky hall of the castle and manage to stop mute at the grumbling doorway just before large yard.
   "Are you there?" Woman whispers to dark hall behind her. Her hair was red and figurine sturdy for a such young woman. She wasn't human. Not entirely. One could read it from a mile away.
   Large moon illuminated the eerie halls of the castle and manage show only glimpses of the limping feet, struggling to move forward. 
   "Melanie. Please. I can't..." Darkness answered after long pause of silence. "It got me..."
   "Shut up and move." Melanie answered, looking around the yard that was covered with complex pillars of bushes cut to resemble valiant human kind figures. "You can do it. You always have!"
   Elijah, young, slender, yet muscular man stopped next to Melanie and fell down on his knees. His long white hair with a tint of purple shined at the moonlight. 
   "Please. Let me go. It's inside me!" Elijah was interrupted by cough followed by the torrent of blood from his mouth. "Damnation! Melanie. Please." He groaned holding his stomach.
   Tears rose to her eyes but she wiped them off quickly. 
   "No. We do not spend any moment more here. I promise to you. This was a mistake...  I made a mistake trying, okay?" 
Elijah grabbed Melanie's feet and tapped them.
   "We made, Mel. It's okay though. It dawns soon and..." Elijah grasped his stomach and sneered painfully.
   Wind blew outside and Melanie stared kneeling Elijah helplessly.
Thump. Thump. Heavy footsteps shook the flimsy walls. Thump. Thump.
   "Come on, you idiot! Don't think about it! Or else I swear... I..." Melanie grabbed Elijah and lifted him up. 
   Melanie forced Elijah to move and with her support the twosome proceeded slowly across the yard. Elijah was loosing his consciousness by the second. 
   "Melanie. Please..." He mumbled. "Wait..."
Elijah unsheathed his dagger and offered it to Melanie. 
   "It's coming....!" Elijah collapsed letting out an eldritch scream. His eyes rolled behind the eyes and body became limp. She couldn't keep him standing but managed to catch him before hitting the ground. Heavy footsteps picked up the pace. Melanie hold unconscious Elijah on her arms. She picked up the dagger and put it on her throat. Waiting for darkness that get closer by every step. Thump. Thump. Thump...

To be continued...


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