Friday, 28 October 2016

Story: Forest

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   Xrir rose up and started to make her way deeper into the forest. Night would be coming soon and she had no place to stay. One has to figure out something quickly in order to survive in this forest that is commonly known as a Cal'cannth; Sun gleam forest.
   Vampires tend to use forest as their hunting ground. Mostly for animals though. Nobody really lives here. Except for some hermits, druids that are carefully warded themselves against the vampires. 
   This was good and bad for her. Bad for obvious reasons and good... Well, mostly bad but Xrir sure loves a good challenge. She probably could make through the night as is, just with a good hiding spot but why to risk it?
   Sun gleam forest was quite old and contained large amount of magical properties, most of them invisible to the naked, untrained eye. For example most of the humans could only notice the most basic aspects of magic, such as little glimpse of a wisp or a random sparkling mushroom that would disappear in a matter of seconds. Even to Xrir, who was a magical creature herself, had troubles noticing the vast spectrum of elusive magical plants and wildlife. No wonder that forest is used by the druids to practice their craft.
   Druids are wizards of the earth and very much specialized in protecting nature from anything unnatural... and what would be more unnatural than living dead? Their very existence fights against the laws of nature and are most despised creatures on the world.
   Xrir ventured deeper into forest and trees above her got bigger and bigger further she walked. The highest tips of the trees started get golden from the slowly setting sun. Her time was running out.
   Suddenly, Xrir discovered ragged old cabin at the side of the mossy mountain cliff. She approached carefully. Cabin could be booby-trapped by a vicious bounty hunters that capture magical creatures. Just to be sold at the black market as a whole or in parts. What a frightening thought but situation couldn't be helped. 
   Xrir had reached the door. She collected all of her courage and poked the handle like a hot kettle. Tap. Nothing. The spell would have struck in instant. 
   She opened the squeaky door and stepped inside. Cabin was relatively solid from the inside. Empty. Only table, chair and a large chest. Somebody had lived here just recently. That's a good sign. Xrir ran across the floor to rummage the chest, in hope of finding a warding spell scroll that has been left behind just for these kind of occasions. 
   Xrir opened the chest and started look for the scroll.
   "Luckily the place wasn't trapped. I would have..." Xrir stopped and looked her hands. They were covered in blood. 
   She looked the inners of the chest more closely and noticed the items inside were internal organs of who knows what. She hurried up and gasped. This is way worse than hunters or even night out with a vampire. This place had not been inhabited by a peaceful druid but a witch!
   Little hiding spot sounded pretty good and risk worth taking. Besides she has survived the worse maybe she could just...
Xrir turned around and she froze on her steps. Thought escaped her mind. Doorway was blocked by a shrouded shadowy figure whose eyes burned like coal and hands were scarred to the bone.
   Windows were shut. She had no place to escape. She was trapped!

To be continued...


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