Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Story: Xrir

The first chapter. Here's the link for the last part: Prologue. Feel free to leave improvement ideas/feelings on the comments! Enjoy!

It was long past noon at the worn end of the forest. It hasn't rained for a while and ground has been yellow for months, even though autumn had just arrived. No signs of dragons, werewolves or even of nomadic ogre tribes were seen on endless moor for a quite some time now. Weather was relatively windy and little grumpy house spirit had troubles keeping on her feet.
   "Cursed lowlifes! Thugs! Vampires! Umm... No good vampires! All be damned!" Xrir, green little house spirit cursed as she trudged through the muddy pit circling around the village. Pit had most likely been a some kind of moat but that's not certain.
   Xrir had stole an amulet from the vampires last night as a payback for their crimes. So called 'crimes' were not as severe as one might think, considering this is about vampires after all. They just had 'forgotten' to pay Xrir for her long provided servitude as a Lord Galen's personal house spirit. She had not received anything. No jewels, magical scrolls not even pat on a back. Nothing at all. Just a cold look and malicious snicker here and there. To be fair, that's pretty accurate summarization to treatment one has to suffer at the servitude of vampire infested mansion.
   "Probably were going to kill me anyway! Well, I showed them!"
Pit was slippery and Xrir's feet were stuck in a mud pool soon enough. 
   "Graaarh!" Shout echoed from the scuffed walls up to the bright blue sky followed by language that became increasingly incomprehensible as it went on.
   Lord Galen had died on relatively suspicious circumstances but that was just fine for Xrir. She had just decided to take off since the lifelong bound to her master was finally broken. 
   Galen hadn't always been a vampire but most interestingly, spellbound doesn't break on master's willing transformation. Since all vampires are dead and thus 'kinda immortal' there might be valid reason to get frustrated over this kind of arrangement.
   Xrir managed to get across the moat by pure strength of will. She's really though for a dinky house spirit. 
   Xrir sat on the trenchbank and took the amulet from her pocket. Amulet was bright red with a odd, snowflake like symbols swirling inside. It was shaped like a droplet of blood glimmering against the sun. Xrir didn't exactly know what the amulet was for but it sure was shiny. Spirits tend to appreciate shiny things. She smiled broadly and put the amulet back on her pocket. 
   Amulet was probably just an complex vampire accessory with nothing more to it. That's what she thought at least. 

To be continued...


  1. Edelleen jännittivää! Ja kaunis amuletti, sillä on varmaan rooli jatkossa... :)

    1. Mahtavaa, että pidit! Mahdollisesti...! ;D


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