Saturday, 8 October 2016

Outfit: Getting Comfy with Autumn

Lindi 2010 vibes here.
I had all of this stuff back then :)
Still loving them all!

Is here : 0

 My mushroom buns!

 When you get tired of freckles
make heart freckles.
Wisdom of the day.

 everything I'm wearing: just old (and awesome)

 Good morning, Ilar!


 Hair colour check up!
the good ol' ebony (by directions)
is already showing its true colours.
It really turns more and more blue after every wash.
This is after one wash (with cold water).
It's kinda purple atm.

 Still cute ^ - ^

 We saw that Splat has a black hair dye too...
We'd LOVE to experiment with it :D
sadly we haven't seen that shade -ever :'(

 But yeah.
Ebony is so much fun but 
it fades into blue after a few washes.
This time we mixed it with conditioner so it faded even faster.

Even if permanent black has better lasting power
it's not something for people who like to change their hair colour. 
Permanent hair colours are PAINFUL to get rid of :S

 First time using new vest!
Ilar loves it.
* . *

vest: hand me down + diy
shirt: old
pants: old
hat: thrifted


  1. Perfect autumn outfits and hair!<33


  2. Really feeling this color palette!
    ♡ Dulce

    1. yay ^ - ^ happy to hear that, Dulce <3

  3. Loving the coloring along with that hair!! (seriously when are u guys not killing it?)

    1. aww!! <3 you are too kind, Ann! >///w////<
      thank you so much ; w ; <3

  4. Beautiful Fall colors and textures in your outfit. Perfect necklace! Love your dude's vest!

    - Anna


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