Monday, 31 October 2016

Outfit: Crazy but Friendly Fox Monster

I was once photographed for a street style post in a mainstream magazine.
And when I told my parents my kind father hoped I didn't tell them my surname :'D 
 The lady who took my pic asked what was the inspiration behind my outfit.
I said "well I wanted to wear these colours".
She wasn't too impressed.
But it was the truth :)
just like with this outfit.

At first I wanted to wear
pink and yellow... and then I added blue.
And then I added green and orange.

 I named this outfit a fox monster.
But you could say there's a lot of clown stuff going on too.
I love clown fashion!

 Ilar asked me to pose like a winx girl
I love these shorts!!
I love yellow!!
and I love Ilar ^ - ^ of course!!

hat: old + DIY ears
shirt: black milk
short: thrifted
tights: etsy
shoes: gift
backpack: thrifed + DIY


  1. Toppi sopii Halloweeniin kuin nenä päähän! ;) Ja ihana korvallinen hattu! :)

  2. I love all of the colors and patterns, here. The shorts are so amazing. I want them! Super cute hat! <3

    - Anna

    1. ^___^ happy to hear that <3 thanks Anna :D


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