Thursday, 20 October 2016

Outfit Collection: Blullini + neony green

We took crazy a lot of pics with this hair colour 0__o
My traditional animation courses started and 
we were worried that we wouldn't have time to take outfit pics and blog that much but...
this happened :)

It's so sad that there's only a few Ilar outfits (compared with the Lind overload)
with this hair colour.
We thought we had to hurry with the pics so... only 1 model it is, I guess ^ . ^ ;

But yeah :) loved the hair!
My fave look from Ilar was the Koala Kombo one
and mine were Blue and Yellow Tiger and Cheeky Strawberry.

Ilar liked Koala Kombo for himself and Lind's I am anger not blue and Cheeky Strawberry.

It's fun to look at these pics and remember last Spring...
Spring means Summer to me <3
but now... Winter is coming :'(


  1. Not enough time, huh? Hahaha
    This is a blog fashion show!<3


    1. :'DDD hahaha<3
      Adi you made my day!!!!

  2. Y'alls hair is the icing on the cake. LOVE every single one, seriously all these looks are sooo good!!
    ♡ Dulce

    1. awwwww ; w ; <3 Dulce!!! Stop being lovely <3<3<3 you are the kindest!!
      thank you so much :D


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