Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Outfit: Cold Red and Gray Danger

 " this safe" asked lil Lind
"Sure" said Ilar.

 I didn't fall.


 aww, I'm obsessed with longer skirts atm!
I wish I had more that 2 
; A ;
They are my new colder season thingie.
Warm and pretty :)
 And my new husky bag!
He looks so goofy <3
Just like dogs do.
Simple creatures!

Does it ever happen to you
that when you're wearing red and white (or just red)
people say that it looks like you've dressed up for xmas...

Red is such a pretty colour!
People should wear it more 
^ . *
not just for xmas parties

 Ilar managed to take a picture of me sneezing.
My sneezes sound like I'm wickedly snickering.
And I've hurt people's feelings because of that
1 teacher for example.
 A weak guy...
; ' D

 First picture we took.
@ A @

 beret: thrifted
toy backpack: thrifted
skirt: thrifted
tights: old (fast fashion)
shoes: gift
sweater: minna parikka

 Ilar is the brave one.
He's not afraid of climbing and jumping and...
stepping on my cucumber sandwich :'D

I laughed so much.
He did too :)

 This hat is just so magical.
Moomins approve.


 Hair update!
Looking very purple.
Ilar loves purple so it's okay :)
He's fave is lavender tho.

 Shy guy.

hat: gift
T-shirt: etsy
shirt: old
pants: old
shoes: irregular choice
suspenders: thtifted


  1. Love that skirt! Awesome hair! <333

    - Anna

  2. Ihanan punaista! :) Ja taikurin hattu on muumilicious! ;)


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