Saturday, 22 October 2016

Outfit: Autumnal Adventures + Free the Nipples

I'm in love with this skirt!
And it's not even a mini skirt :D can you believe it!
I sure can't.

 I've got to admit I've been afraid of posting this outfit...
because it's the look that will officially start my own personal
"free the nipple journey".

 I'm afraid of offending someone.
Which feels crazy to even think about.
I'm just not wearing a piece of clothing that feels uncomfortable to me...
Why is it such a big deal for me (and the world)?

I've posted a few looks in the past in which I haven't worn a bra.
But... I've grown as a woman to the point that I prefer not wearing a bra... at all. 
 This feels right atm and hopefully it'll stay this way.
I hope you guys are with me in this :)

 I've got so much to say about this subject!
And we're planning to write post(s) about it.
It has something to do with Kim Possible and the Winx club
(spoiler: their boobs look super natural aka no bra!! <3)

 I think freeing the nipples kinda has something to do with minimalism.
Now that I feel happy about the person I've grown into
I can become more of a minimalist.
In my case. It means that I don't feel like I have to wear makeup or a bra.
Or shave my armpits everyday.
Less is more.

It's a big deal for me.
Because it was my everyday life for 10 years.

 I feel so me in my own body.
I feel like I finally love it.
That's why I'm able to leave my bra home.

 I started not wearing a bra this year.
I felt so proud last Spring going to school and not wearing it.

 But I'm always wearing loads of layers because I'm cold.
So I bet no one even notices.

My friends have called me "flat chested" and "big girl"...
but my body type is just very traditional, I'm aware of it.

I've seen a lot of smaller sized girls (in the Net) talking about going braless.
But everytime I found a girl identical to my size they just talked about 
how to hide your nips.
But that's... that's ...too easy.

 So yeah.
I'm yet to find a role model for me to make my "free the nipple journey" easier.
And that's a serious reason for me to start becoming one myself.

I hope I can help you stop shaming yourself for being a human with nipples.
Going braless is for everyone.
Size doesn't matter.

 I must admit that I haven't been confident enough to let my nipples show through clothing when I meet my relatives.
I'll tell you when I've mastered that too.
Sorry relatives if you're reading this ^ - ^;

 Long story short.
This is Me and I hope You still like Me and give Me Your support
braless or not <3
Thank you!!!!

 turtleneck: old (fast fashion)
skirt: thrifted
tights: les queues de sardines
shoes: hand me down (rip great aunt)
mary the bear backpack: thrifted

 This is Ilar.
He has never worn a bra.
He is my idol <3

 We both love his new pirate pants.
They remind us about Roadhog's (overwatch) street shark skin.

 Hair update!
It's looking very purple and gorgeous.
Lind's hair is a bit more faded.

 Squares and stripes. 

 Sun is already setting.
Time to say good night.

vest: thrifted
t-shirt: old (fast fashion)
pants: thrifted
shoes: irregular choice
socks: mystery


  1. Oooooh I love your hairdo with this outfit!
    And more power to you! I remember how popular it was to not wear a bra during the late 90s and early 2000s. So many women did it that it just became normal; then the styles changed and it once again became taboo. :/


    1. Thanks!! :D I'm happy that my hair is long enough to wear it up in 80s style ;D

      awww yeah :'( lets hope we'll get there again!! <3
      thank you, dear Adi <3

  2. Ihanaa ruutua! Jotenkin 70-lukulaisen koulupukumaista! :) Ja on tärkeää tuntea olonsa mukavaksi ja vapaaksi, sans rintsikat. Rohkeaa! :)

    1. Jee kiitti :D 70-luku <3 Kyllä!!! ja kiitos paljos ^//___//^

  3. FREE THE NIPPLES ! Yes yes yes !
    For years I was wearing this push-up huge bra every day, all day, even at home because I was ashamed of my own breast ...then I went to buy a new bra and instead of this I bought just a simple lace bra without any "support" or anything... and it was the best thing ever ! Then it was much easier to step into this no-bra mode =D Now I wear the bra with support only for clothes where it looks good, but on daily basis I wear the lace or nothing at all =) So you have all my support ! Who need bra and what's so wrong about nipples ?! pff

    1. YES <3 :D
      thanks so so much, lovely!!! You have my support too! ^ - ^ <3

      It started to me like that too, when I realized my sports bra/top was good enough. No need to wear push up bra under it :'D haha!
      Yeah, sometimes it's nice to wear a good supportive bra but not daily -not anymore ;) agreed!!! <3

      thanks so much <3

  4. Really love that skirt! <3 Rad tights!

    - Anna

  5. YES this is SO IMPORTANT! Fancy lacy bralettes (aka the only pretty and semi-comfortable kind) and going bra-free seem to be only for skinny girls - probably because we're apparently still afraid of women with curves. I usually wear a sport bra kind of thing because it's the only kind that doesn't make me feel super duper uncomfortable. When I'm not wearing one I usually wear a sweater or something that still hides the nipnips, even when it's way too hot to wear a sweater. I should probably stop doing that, too.


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