Sunday, 30 October 2016

Life update: Creative Work

Once again we've been super busy this month and I decided to make one of these to keep you up to date.

art by Lindwormm "Keep your pizza" "I see..."

So I've been part of two separate short films that my class is going to film next month. Let me tell you, making two films in a month can get little hectic. This is my class' first fiction movie we've done together and as you might imagine this journey has been quite sloppy in parts. For example we had a week prepared just for pre-production but people took it as a holiday and left the city. I was like -,- even though I am directing neither of these.
(We never tend to leave our home because why would we? 
Meet our parents? Oh, please.)

I managed to write fourth version of my fantasy series' scene list.
It has been a blast but quite hard since Lind threw me a production curve ball in a form of pokeball; my story should have something special that no else have. It was hard at first but I've got it figured out... :D

I am working as a sound recordist/Sound designer and a assistant producer in our first one. Shortly it's about violence in humanity. Running time will be about 3-6 min.
I've mostly participated in actor casting and created sound design and figured out location's recording hardware.
In second one I work as a gaffer/light designer. This one is medieval comedy about cudgel war. 
and same thing here I've made light design and etc in this one.
This might sound easy to amateur but trust me, it's all but that.
Movies don't pop out of thin air, you know.

I've also worked on advertisement video for Lind's sister upcoming café!
Well tell you more about it when it opens its doors.
So much work. Gah! Huh? Yea...

Lind in has worked amazingly long hours with her animation this month. It doesn't help that school gave way too little time to execute this project. She can luckily work at home thanks to our buddy Cintiq over here :D Besides Lind is pretty good and hard working at what she does.
School intentions were that this animation (1 min long) should be done at December which is crazy considering amount of time they actually gave to do this (3-4 week). Professional animator who works full time can do about 7-8 seconds per week. Go figure...

So, that's it. Hope you have enjoyed our posts nevertheless all though we've been super busy.
Thanks for reading <3


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  1. Hope both of your projects go well for you two! Making movies is harder than what many people think!
    My husband and I are working on a comedy (feature film) and let me tell you, it ain't easy! Hahaha
    There are so many details that go both into short, feature, and animated movies. I'd love to see the finished work here!



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