Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Join me into this interactive short story!

Hey everyone. 
This is a little different kind of post than we usually do but don't worry everything will be explained. For a while now, we've wanted to include something new to our blog. Something that reflects us and especially our work even more. 

art by the mighty Ilar

As you know Lind can draw and express her creativity in our blog in that kind of visually pleasing way. But since my drawings look something 6 year old could've drawn it has left me thinking what I can do to share my creativity with you all. My job is mainly just screenplays which are intended for film professionals only. So I decided to make this special little short story for you.

Let me explain how this is going to pan out. 

1. I am not going to plan what I am going to write. I am going to invent story as I write. (I've done this a lot in the past.) Why? You might ask. Well, this is very beneficial to me as a screenwriter and (hopefully) something quite intriguing to read.

2. Genre (at least for this first one) is going to be fantasy since it's most familiar to me. I am going to write one page at the time. Overall length and posting schedule is also yet unknown.
3. I am planning to make this kind of interactive with you. So, this short story is going to contain multiple posts in between which you can participate if you wish to do so. It's all up to you of course. :) 

So, how do you can participate? Well, just leave comment about something that you want to include in story. It can be anything or in any part of the story. Let me give you an example. It can be part of the plot, item, character, a mood, anything really!

Traveler is walking on the forest as the last rays of sun disappear into horizon. Night is going to warm all though there is no visible signs of it. No, just the pleasant dusk before upcoming summer night. The great shadows of the ancient trees accompany this strangely joyful traveler. Who seems to be humming a song. A melancholic note that lets us all know that the burden has lifted but with a great price.
(This is just an example and not the real story)

To participate you could say something like:
On the night monstrous bog creatures wake up.
or Traveler comes across a chair in the middle forest. 
or the song is about someone very dear to traveler.
or I want injustice to happen!
or Anything???

I am going to include/interpret all of these ideas in a form that best fits to story and all though I am not native English speaker I think I'll manage. :D

Join me and help me invent the way story is going to be.
Ilar: Genre is fantasy and one key character is an intelligent girl.
Lind: In the beginning of the story it's Autumn.

If there's no suggestions I am just going to write with my own
instincts. Hope you are looking forward to this as much as I am.



  1. Oo, jännittävää! :) Jännitystä, please! ;)

    1. Kiitos! Jännitystä olkoon siis luvassa! :)

  2. This sounds like fun! I need more time to think about it.
    ♡ Dulce

    1. Great! Feel free to suggest anything on any part of the story! :)


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