Friday, 23 September 2016

Thrift Haul: Autumn Goodies

It has been a while we since we got to shop in thrift stores. 
So, we spend our day shopping and managed to find some extraordinary things.

This teletubby is Laa-Laa. I'm going to make a back bag out of her. 
I think she was my best find.
She's sooooooo creepy cute.
Now I want collect Laa-laa's whole family.

More bag material. Buttercup's attitude is spot on (ಠuಠ)

Little dirty but this one is already a bag. 
We can manage :>
It was also only 0,50 €
wow <3

Ilar got pirate pants! 
He needs more trousers and these really were a great find. 
They remind him from Roadhog's (Overwatch) pirate trousers.

I want to start making some clothes for us. 
These patterns will come in handy. They were really cheap :D
Too bad the coat one was only size 40 :( too big for us!

These are actually shorts. I didn't have any yellow ones :D

I've got one "Scottish" skirt (this one's made in Finland tho hehe) 
but this one is longer and different material -wool
It's going to be a really good for the long winters of Finland. 
(I never give up on my skirts btw ;))
Ilar thinks this large safety pin is such a cute detail that he just had to give you a closer look.

These skirts were just perfect find.
It's rare to find nicely fitting clothes from a thrift store and these fit perfectly! :D

You always need ribbons and zippers.

All though you should never shop/consume anything for your sorrow, 
I had a really rough day in my social life but these items made me feel really happy! 
And Ilar too! 


the evil teacher didn't show us the horrible movie clips today, YAY!

and I heard a little boy talking (or yelling) to phone and he said 
"I had an amazing day today again!"
 That attitude tho <3
Hope you had an amazing day too ;) 


  1. That wolf backpack and skirt are too cute! <3

  2. Sweet patterns and zippers!
    ♡ Dulce

  3. I have the leopard version of that wolf bag!


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