Thursday, 29 September 2016

September favorites

Let's list some of our personal favorites from the month of September. :D

Take a look for this suspender skirt! It's Finnish design by Poola Kataryna. Lind loves it already and she got it yesterday. Print is so good. :D:D

 These earrings are the best. They're from same brand. They're called Sylvi the little monster.
So cute, yes?

We've tried some new vegan foods as well. What we've come to realize after stopping eating meat is that the point for us in vegan food is the textures. This vegan salami is amazing! Too bad it's quite expensive though.


We did a thrift store haul post little while ago but shortly, this Laalaa is just way too good to exclude from favorites. I mean. Look at her. Nuff said.

I bought Lind a better mouse. It's Razer Death adder. It's her's first razer product. It's safe to say she likes it. Razer products are just solid and really good computer hardware in general. + colours are nice!

(The side kick Ron Stoppable and Kim Possible)

Kim Possible is the this months favorite show. We watched the whole first season. It was good experience. We noticed quite fast that the show was planned to be way shorter than it actually ended up. The latter seasons were worse than first one. They turned up to repeat same patterns and were a lot more generic. I recommend you to watch at least first season. Show has funny good all though some of the morals/jokes are outdated and thus incorrect.

This is Ron's pet Rufus. He's a naked mole rat and quite funny, actually. 

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  1. I don't even have my ears pierced, but now I wish I did just so that I could wear those earrings! So amazing! Great picks! <3

    - Anna

    1. Thank you, Anna! They really are adorable. Even I would use them if my ears weren't this stretched x)


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