Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Random Ramble: A Friendly Reminder That Women Are Not Humanbeings - Sexism in the Film Industry

Today our Film art teacher showed Ilar's class some old and new movies' scenes which were beautiful if you ask her. And she had good points. Nice lighting, beautiful camera movement, composition
BUT in every movie women were sex objects.
She showed class mainly sex scenes. In which the woman always was on the top of a man -because if woman is not bouncing on a man she's lazy and doesn't want sex. Right? -___-
In Finland sexists call women (who lay under the men while having sexy times) "lahna" (bream) which is just a... fish. It doesn't even make sense -but the point is that in films women are always shaking their A/B-size cups on a top of men because it's what "men want"...
And that's the way of showing that "I'm horny".
And men are just supposed to call their wives and girlfriends etc whores.
That's kind!

Why our female teacher (a mother of a daughter) didn't see anything wrong in these films?
Because she sees the characters just as characters. They aren't real. They don't represent her.
Would she let men treat her like that irl?
No! She'd beat them because she's a basic badass Finnish mama.
(She's a super scary and unpleasant person just in general btw)
But in movies, it's 100% okay.
Women slut shame women too. It's not only men's thing. OF COURSE!
So yeah. It's a big problem. And people think that's okay. And things need to be this way because why would we ever change anything (for the better?).

I've noticed the same problem with my female friends. They show me some sexist short films and are like "Rock n Roll woo that was awesome".
And I'm crying "It made me feel bad about being a woman"
and they say "It's just a movie."

Me and Ilar are someone who loooove stories. It's kinda our thing. So I guess we first see the characters and what they represent. Then the art in the movie.
We just can't understand it -why women don't want their sisters to be treated equally with men.
AND why men can't see women as equals.
No clue.
Makes us sick.

I'm just tired of being reminded that as a woman I'm worth nothing... but an object and trash.
Ilar of course felt super sick looking at that crap.
One of our class mates also told him that day that her sister went to see a sing along Rocky Horror Picture Show -movie show in England and it ruined the movie for her.
Why? Because the crowd yelled SLUT everytime Janet appeared in any form...
Let's not even think about why they called her a slut. That's just stupid and disgusting.
And unforgivable. Ugh.

art by lindworm
Sex is a positive thing.
But it can be presented in a seriously hurtful way.
Equality and having fun, that's what we need.
That's why I participated in the naughty fairytales anthology.

But yeah... I'm looking forward for Thursday's lesson.
We animators are going trough the same sexist show with THE teacher.
Wish me luck ;______;

And here's my sis' cat's (Elmo's) cute cute paw!
Just to make you feel a lil better <3
cats are magic * w *
Lets make the world of movies a better place too.


  1. What?!?!? I didn't even know there were terms for girls who like it traditional missionary. :O
    Yes, they may be just movies, but movies are always sending out messages. Some people may not take it seriously but others might believe that sex must be that way and later put pressure on their partners.

    p.s What a cute paw!<3


  2. I'm tired of seeing and hearing about it :( When will people finally catch on and realize it too?
    Alas, the media gives impressions on societal standards. Sexism is so ordinary it has become a norm to many of us even tho it continues to perpetuate the problem. *sigh*
    ♡ Dulce


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