Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Outfits Collection: Splat Blurple Experiment

Here. We. Go!

I live in a Gingerbread House

These looks are from this year's Spring. 
It was our first time using only Splat (without conditioner!).
Hair was quite dark at first but in time it faded all the better! 
My fave looks are C'thun the Rainbow Goddess of Chaos and Ilar's Of Monster's and Peach. (I really think C'thun is my favorite old god.)

Ilar's fave looks are Lind's I live in a Gingerbread house and Of Monster's and Peach from himself.

He felt my outfit was really polished!

Let us know which one did you like? 
 Or what has been your favourite style you've been wearing yourself?
^ - ^


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