Saturday, 1 October 2016

Outfits collection: Blö hair

 Now you can get our 
Blue hair outfits all in one!
: ' D

I think we managed to take pics of outfit with our fave colour combos.
Blue + orange, yellow and double blue : - )
Happy about that!

My very fave look from Ilar was the yellow happy one and 
I think my best look was the hard work one.

Ilar's fave looks were Magician Duck from himself and Trail of Orange Candies from Lind :D

Our school building is so frickin cold 
that it's all about layering now... 

What have you guys been wearing lately?


  1. Radness. I love that you guys often match the color schemes of your outfits, too. :DDD

    - Anna

    1. hehe :D glad you like it <3<3<3
      thanks, Anna!!!!


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