Sunday, 25 September 2016

Outfit: Trail of Orange Candies

 One of our very fave colour combos:
orange + blue
and last pics with blue hair.
bye bye blue 
* . *
 I've used sooo crazy much the ribbons we got from our festival passes.
 They are originally from Tiger :' D



 *( ^ w ^ )*

 Lately I've been into using a lot of highlighters... 
or glitter and super shiny eye shadows as highlighters 

 dress: thrifted
bag: old
tights: les queues de sardines

 Our TAFF bag is in use now.
The character is so cute :3

 Ilar was angry at our neighbours.

 "Please don't judge Me"

is a Finnish company that produces clothes and bags and such 
from recycled materials.
If you want your art/prints printed on ecological/sustainable clothing
maybe try using their services ;)

 Once a class mate of ours asked if this shirt Ilar was wearing a was band shirt.
Ilar said: "No, this is just a satanic shirt."
^ - ^

shirt: kill star
bag: taff festival


  1. I'm completely feeling this color palette right now!!!
    ♡ Dulce

    1. heehee :D <3 happy to hear that ^____^ thanks!

  2. Ihanan syksyisiä värejä! :) Halloween ja syksy tulla saa... ;)

  3. That dress is so cute! I love the print. Perfect for Fall! Your dude's shirt is rad, too!

    - Anna

    1. ^___^ aww thanks, Anna! <3 glad that you think so


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