Saturday, 3 September 2016

Outfit: Toxins of Tritannus

 We've been obsessed with Winx club lately...
We've watched the 5th season and really enjoyed it :D
it's so funny.
We love Tritannus, the king of Toxins!

 I've seen most of the previous seasons but didn't really like them (especially as a kid).
Ilar hasn't watch Winx ever before.
We're about to watch the last episode tonight * A *
then it's... it's over.
 We watch Winx in Finnish because the lines and voices are so funny.
Some of the voice actors aren't the best which makes it even more hilarious.
 Love Winx.... totally obsessed!

These leggings remind us of Tritannus... because oil slick!

 Now that my hair is this long 
I've been wearing pig tails

a lot.

Ilar also likes them.

a lot.

 Dress: TanYaSum
leggings: black milk
sneakers: second hand (Adidas by Jeremy Scott)
necklace: old (souvenir shop)
 Lucio inspired Ilar to pose like a cool guy.
He's cool... 

 Hair update!
Still blue...

 More cool guy action!

 We thought Ilar's outfit was so 70s
because of the unflattering fit of shirt and not so modern jeans.
Love 70s.

everything is just old... pretty much 0_o
No idea where they come from...


  1. Lovely. I'm not familiar with Winx Club but if it resembles anything like your looks, I'm down XD
    ♡ Dulce

    1. :'DD hahaha that's so cutely said <3 awww!!! we need to make a winx post soon ^-^

  2. I love how your hair, makeup and outfits always go together and how you two match!

  3. Ihanaa merensinistä ja upea eläinprinttimekko! :)

  4. The print on your dress is adorable. You look super cute! Love your dude's tat!

    - Anna

  5. the cinderella bow is a really cute detail!<33 love it<33 ^3^)
    you guys' new hair is SOOO CUTE:<
    making me can't wait for dying my hair bright color>,< aarRRrghhh!!

    1. awww thank you, Rafa ^ 3 ^
      yay glad you like it :D
      yeahhh me neither > w < <3


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