Friday, 9 September 2016

Outfit: Lil Yellow Spots of Happiness

Forest might be still green but autumn is here. We had a little break from walking and we were so happy to finally get back to our walking routine!

Right, piglet?

We found a new place for our photo shoot. It's located on a cliff in the middle of random bush of heathers D: Their colour is so cute!
In Southern Finland ticks tend to live among heathers
 so wearing other than long trousers is a definite no no.

Right, piglet?

Ilar wanted to mess around with focus...
...and lighting.

I felt really happy that day!

There was a spider living in this pine branch. No kidding.

Ilar likes evening sun.

 cardigan: old
skirt: old
t-shirt: thrifted
leggings: black milk
belt: thrifted
Piglet backpack: thrifted + DIY
shoes: second hand (Adidas by Jeremy Scott)

Right, piglet?

Yellow is colour for happiness!

Next to our location was a such huge drop down to a jogging path. 
We could hear people rustling away.

Before jogging you must stretch. He didn't go for a jog though.

Pastel blue / lavender is one of Ilar's favorite shades!

All this happiness made Ilar able to perform magic tricks.

Magic is just a sleight of hand.

hat: running koala
suspenders: ninja
pants: gift
t-shirt: super old


  1. The heather is lovely, shame about the ticks. We have lots of ticks in Australia too!

    I hope the piggy is not still possessing you!

    1. D: sorry to hear that you have ticks too!!

      haha :D no worries, piglet was acting nicely! <3 thank you!! ^ - ^

  2. Super cute leggings! Great color juxtaposition. Love your dude's hat!

    - Anna

    1. :D yay yay!!! thank you so much, Anna


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