Monday, 19 September 2016

Outfit: Hard Work Pays None

 Another TAFF festival outfit.
The title is because we don't remember if we mentioned that we worked there for free.
And it's totally 100% okay.
Because you can't throw a festival without volunteers. 
Especially what it comes to indie festivals that aren't too hip if you ask mainstream
(yeah... I'm talking about animated films here ;))

This was our first time working on a festival.
And if we had known that it's so easy to apply
we would have participated many times before :)
It's a great way to help artists and our scene to get noticed and grow bigger.

Truth be told we got to see many awesome short films for free
free meals...
That's more than enough for us 
* 0 *

 I decided to wear a crazy awesome colour combo.
Love crazy neons and loads of colours together :)

 Just some casual rainbow freckles and glitter.

quasimodo t-shirt: thrifted
suspenders: ninja
shorts: thrifted + diy
tights: old D:

 It's Ilarrrrr!

 I love his turquoise ribbon.
I wear it on my hair now :)

t-shirt: mr gugu and miss go
vest: thrifted


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