Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Lush Haul: bath bombs gifts yay

 Best gifts are the ones you aren't waiting for :)
We got these lovely Lush's Autumn collection pieces
from my sis.
Thank you so much!!
Our living room smells like heaven.
Makes me super happy.
Lush smells the best. 
 Autumn leaf is so beautiful!

Next to our buss stop there's this flaming maple tree.
Wish we weren't too shy to take pics with it :S

 Looks like this lava lamp is smiling 
: )

 This one has the best name :'D
It's so... yeah.
Only one ball tho!
We can live with it ;)

Poor flowers fall so easily :'(
We love pink!

Thanks sis <3
We're so excited about these gifts > w <

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