Monday, 5 September 2016

Back to (Art) School! (Life Update)

Summer is over for us and it's time to return back to school. Tomorrow is the first day we're leaving home in school business 
all though officially classes begin next week. We're going to discuss about our opportunities going to exchange abroad. 
We don't know what to expect but we're hopeful 
'cus we sure aren't leaving otherwise than together ;)

We approach our second school year with mixed feelings because summer was really nice. Best one we've had so far. We could actually test how it feels to do art full time and it was amazing. I think both of us managed to do just fine what it comes to scheduling our work. I managed to write a couple versions of my full length horror thriller movie (135 pages which means 2 hours and 15 minutes run time. Yea, it's a really long movie.) Fantasy novella, stageplay about trolls and a couple short films (plus some random stories that were just for fun). It was rough but lovely at the same time. 
Lind got to sketch whole comic 96 (pages) and paint 60 pages with watercolours. All in all we did really well in my opinion.

Sad thing is that all though we're just students we have experienced some of the negative things which professionals face all the time. It shouldn't be surprising that all though we work 40 hours per week (excluding blog, youtube or any other kind of "work" than our summer projects) we're still treated as slackers and slobs. Some people asked the whole summer if we've finally got real "jobs". 
We explained it many times but in vain. Some just don't take our jobs seriously whatever happens.
 These are just ECTS credits (Wikipedia link if you don't know what this means. Shortly: Our summer projects converted as part of our education based on the workload we had.) but we've worked more than even was requirement. So, it just stings a little when people don't even try to comprehend our work. 
Well, that's just the nature of things.

These were our first "full length" work specials on our art scene. 
It is a nice feeling and without a doubt the right job for us!
Thanks for reading everyone!



  1. aww!! good luck on exchange abroad<3 hope u gonna get a nice place^^
    yea!! college is already starting and the first 2 days? it was a hell for me..
    I learnt being a design/art student requires a lot of money and a lot of time..and a lot of sleeptime...I'm so anxious about everything..
    good luck good luck good luck<3

    btw, the illustration is sooo cute<3

    1. Thank you very much, Rafa! :) Beginnings are always so hectic and strange. Good luck for you too! :)


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