Thursday, 8 September 2016

August's favorites

It's time for another post of our monthly favorites! I am bit late with this but let's start with food, shall we? 

Oat yogurt!

Yosa has been part of Lind's breakfast for a whole summer so it was about the time to mention it. Neither of us can really drink milk so, these are just simply perfect! Lind loves their texture; slimy but sweet. She eats it with Muesli and her favorite Yosa flavor is coconut lime. :) I like them too, all though I often eat bread and coffee for a breakfast.
Yosa Website

Emperor's Bride 
Flavoured Black Tea

We're big tea drinkers and this has been our absolute favourite tea for a while. It's flavoured with elderberry and quince flavours. Enhanced with orange peel, pineapple and thistle petals.
We both enjoy this very much and in fact I had it just as I wrote this post. So sweet and refreshing!
Norqvist Website

Winx Club
Created by Iginio Straffi

We're enjoyed season 5 of Winx Club plenty! Tritannus is just an amazing villain and protecting the environment is an excellent message for everyone (+ free the nipples... Winx girls' designs)!
I haven't watched Winx Club before and even Lind has watched it only for a little bit. 
We explain more in a post that I am going to write hopefully soon!
I recommend it for everyone! Season 5 though earlier aren't anything worth mentioning.

Pohjoismaiset Taruolennot 
(Eng. Northern Mythical Creatures) 
Book by Johan Egerkrans

I love this book! It was a gift from Lind's sister. She wanted me to have it 'cus I couldn't manage to buy it in time. Thanks, Misabell!

This book is about just what the name reads. This has been a valuable source of information. Illustrations are fantastic and even little scary! Folk stories are about spirits/magical creatures living in Northern woods. 

They're really fun to read but only disturbing thing is all the "poop" stories. Literally poop stories. I mean landlord's servants just love to mess around with their excrements for some inexplicable reason. Lovely...


This too is a gift from Lind's sister. Lind has made badges out of these and everyone loves them.
These are clay/paste which can be molded and hardened in the oven.
Colours are so nice and different. There is gold, glitter silver, white and galactic purple! Pretty cool, huh? Lind can't wait to get around to molding these!
Fimo Website

TAFF Turku Animated Film Festival!

This experience is something worth mentioning all though we just mainly worked during the festivals!
We got to meet so many professionals from our field which is so valuable looking forward. We both also noticed that animation people are way more welcoming than many other art cultures in Finland.
We really got feeling of fellowship around these animators all though we had never met majority of them before.

Festivals like TAFF give tremendous boost for such small animation scene in Finland. We're very glad they could pull out something like these after 10 years of hiatus. We dream that maybe in next few years we could have something of our own displayed there.

Thanks for reading!

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