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Warcraft, the movie and me

You might know already that I am really into fantasy movies and games. Living in countryside of Finland, this genre has played an enormous part of my life. It was my refuge, place where I could escape the unpleasant reality.

Most influential fantasies, were the medieval serious ones; such as Lord of the Rings (fantasy live action movies) Heroes of Might and Magic (fantasy TBS) and World of Warcraft (fantasy MMORPG). Serious fantasy is something dramatic and violent. It's not supposed to be cute nor pleasant. They're about life, death and about struggle of the characters. Pretty grim and boyish you would say? Yea, it was to some extend. I never cared and was hyped about any other kind of fantasy, not like now.

I am a big fan of Blizzard games and I'd say it's absolutely my favourite game company of them all. They might not be perfect but most dear to me nonetheless. World of Warcraft was my first touch on Blizzard games. I was hooked the moment I stepped into the world. I played it non-stop for every minute of my free time. My parents allowed me to act like this just because they thought it was just one of my phases and it would fade away in time. They always hoped that after my "nerd phase" I would pick up "sport phase" like a "normal boy". Oh, how wrong they were. I played WoW from year 2005 to 2012. I played everyday. I don't regret anything. I would do it again, 100%. What else teenage me would do? Something half minded like a "cool" teenager? Nah.

So naturally lore of Warcraft became quite familiar to me and it has been the most important story to me ever since. It's the reason what I am doing and studying today. At this point I can say lore is way too wide and keeps evolving even to this day so it's impossible to explain it in all honesty. If you're interested in it go watch this guys on youtube Nobbel87. He has like 100 hours of material which explains every detail of this lore. Needless to say it's quite much.

This post is going to contain minor spoilers!

(Picture taken from here)

So, about that movie; I really enjoyed it. I know I would have absolutely loved this kind of movie growing up even if I weren't a fan. Of course there was some weird choices being made here and there and some things that movie doesn't explain as well as Warcraft "fans" know it, thus leaving just general fantasy / movie nerd outside of it all. Yea, sure but it doesn't make a bad movie. Absolutely not.

I know critics have given the movie little credit because of its lack of "cinematic value" and I agree in some parts. Fact is though that this movie was made for fans and by fans I mean general fantasy fans. This movies is nothing unordinary from any other fantasy movies and its lore is really mature and deep like a proper story. Shortly, critics hated Hobbit movies but look how they succeeded. I rest my case.

Here's the trailer!

I was really amazed how much they had replicated the game series for example the shoulder pads are little like WoW's trademark what it comes to fantasy armour and costumes. Lind (who's not familiar to franchise but has been introduced to it by me a little) could recognize and connect that piece of armour to this specific game. 
I think that's something to mention about.
Warcraft movie has some "legendary" references to the game which especially fans understand. For example there are these creatures called murlocs and well... They're classic. Another references are the spells that some characters of the movie use. They're fun and even little nostalgic to this ol' nerd.
I loved the spell effects and oh the music. It was really good all though different to the games. I have listened the soundtrack a lot since I watched the movie. I often listen WoW OST(original soundtrack) as I write. It's so nostalgic to me. Ah...

Here's one of the songs by Ramin Djawadi. 
It's very "orchish" would you say?

(Screencaps are from trailer.)
Fantasy landscapes are usually pretty amazing.

Movie is really violent. I know I wouldn't have mind that growing up but I know some people do. I'd argue that even some adults would be shocked the amount of violence this movie has. There's a lot "unnecessary" violent detail shots but I know they fit the world of this fantasy really well. It's WARcraft now isn't it? And as you might imagine "war" is the main focus on this lore. 


The first part of warcraft lore is least interesting to me (My favourite story is Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne) but of course it's only natural to start at the beginning. I like the characters featured in movie. I was really happy to see such important lore characters animated in this way: Gul'dan, Medivh and even Khadgar as a youngster. Personally, I've always been a big fan of Medivh. I like his story. 

Gul'dan the warlock

What it comes to Garona, I didn't like her design in the movie. She was supposed to be half draenei. So I wanted her eyes to glow. (Shortly Draenei are one of the races of Warcraft 
universe.) Also the romance was totally unnecessary.

Here's the trailer 2

Little bit odd music in this in my opinion but there you go.

I recommend this movie to all kind of fantasy nerds and lore in general to all. It's really complex because it has so many important characters. 

If you care about my personal favourites: I like Arthas Menethil's and Illidan Stormrage's stories. Lore of Pantheon aka titans and Lich King are my all time favourites. They might not be best ones but I can't even describe how nostalgic they're.

In game my favourite race was Dwarves and Blood elves. 
(All though I liked trolls as well and I am big fan of their little story.) My favourite zone was Northrend (Storm Peaks)and Burning Crusade was the best expansion in my opinion.

Have a nice day everyone and thanks if you made it this far! 


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