Monday, 8 August 2016

Toothpaste Tablets (Little Lush Haul)

Here's our little new Lush haul. A lot more new fragrances and flavors us to try out! We always restock our cosmetic reserves when ordering these: Such as Coalface facial soap, Tea Tree toner water and Cup o' Coffee exfoliating mask which was great success! :)
(Our mask sadly expires next month. It's too bad when we know they have ones that can last up to three months. Well, that what you get for ordering online though.) 

Tea Tree toner water is one of those products that can be found always in our bathroom. 
It's just so handy and refreshing. In addition to our Tea Tree we decided to try this and yea. It was refreshing as always. We came to conclusion that this smelled like rose and sea weed (which it contains) ^^ Neither of our skins are really suffering from "redness" but it was cooling absolutely.

Here are our shampoo bar (Montalbano) and hand soap (Layer cake). Both smell fun. Montalbano as you might imagine smells like orange. Orange candy to be exact! Layer cake smells like sweet tutti-frutti, the real e number candy which is kinda popular scent what it comes to Lush products. It's always nice.

We were little disappointed that we got worst colour combo to our piece of layer cake and there was so bright and lovely colours available. Oh, well not a big problem. We have yet to try this shampoo. Looking forward to it though!

We were big fans of BOOM! toothpaste tablets so we decided to treat ourselves with another tube!
This is Oral Pleasure which has a little naughty ring to it. 
This was interesting experience. The taste was really sweet, almost syrupy and foam it produced was cute pastel pink.
It was good but we have to get used to this after Boom! x)
Also it smells like lemonade. :>
We got this as a tester! It is another flavour of toothpaste tablets called Bling! Sadly, we got only three. D:

We managed to try this as well! The foam was white and this tasted a little like citrus acid. Very "lemony" it must be said. If you like lemon this is for you. They're really golden though so, that's a plus! :D I'd say Boom! Has been our favorite so far!
(The foam of boom was dark grey. It was so weird but cool. Aftertaste was sweet when at beginning it was quite spicy hot!)

Have a nice day everybody! Have you tried any of these?



  1. Wow! I've heard of toothpaste tablets, but have never read or seen any reviews. Sounds interesting and now I want to try them too. Thanks for sharing :D
    ♡ Dulce

    1. You welcome! Those tablets are absolutely worth a try! :D


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